Nostalgia for summer

About one year ago I posted my first message on this blog. Since that moment I haven't been really active.. Because I am finishing high school this year I've been really busy with schoolwork and important projects. Next year I will apply for the AMFI (Amsterdam Fashion Institute) and I probably will going to live in Amsterdam as well. I hope that I'll have more free time after my final school exams so I can update my blog more regularly. In this post I'd like to share some summer pictures which were made in Italy in Forte Dei Marmi. I stayed here for over 8 days with one of my best friends! The skirt is bought at H&M and the shoes and top are from Topshop. Since it is already half a year ago I'm not sure about the fact if these items are still available... I hope you'll like these photos. When I look at the palm trees and blue sky, they mostly cause a strong feeling of nostalgia for summer..

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