Amsterdam Fashion Week

Almost two weeks ago, I was at The Amsterdam Fashion week, a week full of fashion, (a little too) confident people and upcoming Dutch designers. The photographs you see in this post were made at the first day of the week and I was honored to be at the opening night.

The designers were lucky to open the show as they were third year students of the AMFI (Amsterdam Fashion Institute). This is something really cool in my opinion, because those students have no experience at all, but still they are getting a chance to show their talent! I found the collection amazing! You could really see how hard they've been working on giving every single piece a professional look. The collection mostly contained of futuristic elements combined with accessories that made me think of the classical age. It was something that I found interesting because it created a kind of contrast between the past and the future.

The fact that the collection was made by students is something I find fascinating. I'm only sixteen years old and I really would like to study in fashion. While watching the show, it made me wonder if this education is something for me. I'm also thinking about going to London or New York, but me and my parents are not loaded and most schools there cost a fortune, so there is a big chance that that's not going to happen.

The second show I attended was the show of "The People of the Labyrinths". The tickets for this show were a present from Firestarters (a Dutch company that organised a competition to win tickets). This show was not really my style so it was just fun watching the show but the pieces that were being showed were not at all something for me.

At the opening there was also a small exhibition of the fashion illustrator Laura Laine. She's so inspiring and original and I find her work amazing! You should totally check out her website because her drawings are really impressive!





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