Do It Yourself! This last touch on my outfit is something everybody can do!
You just need:
-  a pair of earrings (in my case i chose these little crosses)
-  and a little necklace(s) with small chains (if you like).

When you attach the earring to your blouse, you need to make sure that there is a little clasp between the earring and the closure. Do this on both the sides: left and right, and you have a new type of accessory!

It's easy and personal i think it looks so cool and you can vary between using earrings and necklaces!
Maybe its useful, tonight on New years Eve?


yesterday was a beautiful day

Yesterday was a beautiful day: the title of this post. I was tired of locking myself up in my room like a recluse and just watching series and not doing nothing active at all. So I went outside and I had a lovely afternoon with my sister. We went to this beautiful place that's about 5 minutes away from my house.
Friday afternoon I went shopping in Almere (a city in Holland). Two weeks ago a Primark was opened there and therefore all the trains were crowded... Apparently all the mingy Dutch people wanted to see this new shop! People were literally standing in a queue to get in and it was about 20 meters long!! My mom, my sister and I were lucky and we got in before it got so busy.
I bought this new skirt for only 9 euros!? I know the quality probably isn't great but sometimes you have to consider that. I do think Primark has got a lot of cheap rubbish but if you look hard enough you might find something you like.
Next week I'm going to Amsterdam to go shopping and grab some lunch with my dear friend Anette. And my next post will be about where to shop in Amsterdam! There are a lot of lovely vintage stores and if you ever visit Amsterdam you could maybe use my advice about where to go!

Skirt: Primark
Top: H&M
hat: H & M
Shoes: Jeffrey Campbell
Socks: H & M
Sunglasses: Vintage
gold ring: Primark
Other rings: vintage ("Waterloopplein market" in Amsterdam)


The Lovely Details

Where to buy these items?
- Deandri shoes: Solestruck
- spiked collar: Bangkok
- sunglasses: H&M
- cross earrings: Claires


Thank you Saint

While most people in Europe celebrate Christmas we have another special type of celebration in Holland that takes place several weeks before Christmas. A big man named Saint Nicholas travels every year from Spain to Europe and he brings lots of presents for al the sweet kids. He's god a lot of friends who help him deliver the presents and this year on the fifth of december i have received, among others, this lovely sweater with galaxy prints. A Sweater that i happen to show on the internet to my mom about a week ago... Besides that, i also received a little present which included the earrings i am wearing on these pictures. In the link below you can find the site where i bought the sweater. It wasn't expensive at al! $25.47 without any shipping (they ship worldwide). The quality is ok. The quality you expect when you pay this price. 

This first encounter.

Hi everyone! 
Or maybe it's a little strange to say "everyone" because this is my fist post and no one will actually read this. Today i started a blog because.. i just had to. I've been posting on tumblr for a while now and i thought it was a good idea to start something more personal. A blog. 
Well, my name is Eva and i live in a little village near Amsterdam (Holland). I am 16 years old and i have big plans/dreams for my future. 
The photo's, (and maybe movies) i'll be posting are especially about my passion for fashion and photography.

I hope you'll like it!

I also started an account on Bloglovin!