yesterday was a beautiful day

Yesterday was a beautiful day: the title of this post. I was tired of locking myself up in my room like a recluse and just watching series and not doing nothing active at all. So I went outside and I had a lovely afternoon with my sister. We went to this beautiful place that's about 5 minutes away from my house.
Friday afternoon I went shopping in Almere (a city in Holland). Two weeks ago a Primark was opened there and therefore all the trains were crowded... Apparently all the mingy Dutch people wanted to see this new shop! People were literally standing in a queue to get in and it was about 20 meters long!! My mom, my sister and I were lucky and we got in before it got so busy.
I bought this new skirt for only 9 euros!? I know the quality probably isn't great but sometimes you have to consider that. I do think Primark has got a lot of cheap rubbish but if you look hard enough you might find something you like.
Next week I'm going to Amsterdam to go shopping and grab some lunch with my dear friend Anette. And my next post will be about where to shop in Amsterdam! There are a lot of lovely vintage stores and if you ever visit Amsterdam you could maybe use my advice about where to go!

Skirt: Primark
Top: H&M
hat: H & M
Shoes: Jeffrey Campbell
Socks: H & M
Sunglasses: Vintage
gold ring: Primark
Other rings: vintage ("Waterloopplein market" in Amsterdam)

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  1. you are so gorgeous! and your photos are amazing!!